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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence

Commercial and residential fencing,  Backyards to ball fields!! Chain link fence is strong, economical and resilient and comes in Galvanized, Aluminized, or Black, Brown and Green vinyl coated.

Fabric Coatings
Galvanized-before-weaving (GBW), Galvanized-after-weaving (GAW), aluminized, and vinyl-coated. Recommended coatings for residential use - vinyl coated (colors available: black, brown and green), or aluminized. Recommended coatings for commercial and industrial aluminized or GAW.

Fence Heights
36", 42", 48", 60" or 72" for residential. 72", 84", 96", 120", 144" and higher for commercial/industrial applications.

Fabric Gauge
13 ga to 6 ga - the smaller the number, the heavier the wire/fabric. Recommend 11 and 9 ga. for residential; 9 ga or heavier for commercial/industrial use.

Wire Mesh
2 3/8" to as small as 1-1/4" mini mesh. Recommended mesh size 2". The smaller the mesh, the stronger the fabric.
Smaller than 1-3/4" is used for high security.

Chain link posts
Come in three coatings; galvanized, vinyl-coated or Permacoat double coating (epoxy & polyester) over galvanized. Nominal wall thickness varies from Dura-lite 20 ga to Schedule 40 full-weight.  Standard and heavy C posts also available.

Privacy Slats

Call us with your fencing requirements and we will be happy to supply you with our recommendations for your application.  Also see options at Privacy Link.