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Chain Link Fence

Commercial and Residential fencing, Backyards to ball fields!! Chain link fence is strong, economical and resilient and comes in

  • Galvanized
  • Aluminized (schools and daycares)
  • Vinyl Coated Black, Brown And Green  Visit: Masterhalco.com

Fabric Coatings

Recommended coatings for residential use - vinyl coated (colors: black, brown and green), or aluminized. Recommended coatings for commercial and industrial aluminized or GAW.

Fence Heights

  • 36", 42", 48", 60" or 72" for residential 
  • 72", 84", 96", 120", 144" and higher for commercial/industrial applications 
  •  Custom sizes are also available

Fabric Gauge

  • 13 ga to 6 ga - the smaller the number, the heavier the wire/fabric.
  •  Recommend 11 and 8 or 9 ga. for residential; 8 ga or heavier for commercial/industrial use.

Wire Mesh

  • 2 3/8" to as small as 1-1/4" mini mesh. Recommended mesh size 2". The smaller the mesh, the stronger the fabric.
  • Smaller than 1-3/4" is used for high security.

Privacy Slats

  •  75%, 80% & 95% Privacy factor
  • Colors: Beige, Redwood, Black, White, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Gray, Dark Brown and Sky Blue. Visit: Eprivacylink.com

Chain Link Fencing in Wausau, WI Chainlink Fencing in Wausau, WI The Best Chain Link Fences in Wausau, WI