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Thursday 10 March 2016

Affects of Frost on a Fence

Posted by at 12:06 PM

In spring we see many fence posts move up and down and gates that no longer close or open.  This is due to the frost coming out of the ground and the ground softening.  There is no installation method that will prevent this from happening, however, there are some that will make it less of a problem.

The use of concrete in a hole around a post is needed in some applications, but in the northern states which experience harsh winters and deep frost concrete can create more heaving. A pounded steel post which is set 3' to 4' deep will be less affected by the frost as it is a smooth surface and allows the soil to move up and down on the post reducing heaving.

It is important to know the soil type and conditions before the installation of a fence.  The best installation is not the same for all types of fence and soil types.  It is best to talk with a professional fence installer to understand what works best.