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Tuesday 23 February 2016

Property Lines

Posted by at 4:29 PM

Property Lines are an important factor when installing a new fence.  Before you decide what type of fence you would like to install it is important you know where your property lines are located. The property lines are not defined by the area of lawn that you mow.  This is a big misconception with many home owners.

Most often you can locate a pin in the corners of the property.  Sometimes these pins have been pounded down to not be hit with the lawn mower in this case a metal dectector may be helpful.

If there are no pins and the lines can not be located then a survey of the property is the best way to locate the correct lot lines.  The survey will mark the corners and give a clear property line.  

The City will not issue a fence permit if you are not sure of your lines. We also need to know where the lines are to prevent having a fence installed and later finding it needs to be moved.

Even if you and your neighbor agree to the placment of the fence that does not guarantee if someone would move the new neighbor would be happy with the placement.